Shamanic Healing


Lascaux Cave

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practise all over the world. It is an animistic relationship - the belief that all animals, plants, rocks, trees, the weather (elements) etc have a distinct, unique spiritual essence and energy.

This allowed our ancestors to form a relationship with the world around them, developing an understanding of respect, balance and harmony. That, in having this relationship, meant that they could travel, communicate and accumulate mystical knowledge of realms that far exceed what many of us understand today.

They developed remedies, physically and energetically that would enable them to heal themselves and others and passed down the knowledge of this relationship and healing to their children, and children's children. 

Now, here we are today, with thousands of years of ancestral wisdom inherited though DNA and direct tutelage, bringing the healing practises into the modern age, where it is needed now more than ever, with increasing rates of unhappiness, depression, anxiety and trauma.

I harness the teachings and practices of the Andean Shamans, Q'eros. To assist you on your journey.

I primarily work with the archetypes, Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Condor as well as my ancestral lineage to release heavy energy (Hucha) from within the energy field

This Hucha energy can lie around the surface of the energy field, or it can also reside as a more solid, or fluidic form deeper beneath the surface and I work with you to release the Hucha that is associated with the presenting issue.

I also access light energy (Sami). This Sami Energy is a pure, high vibrational light, "clean energy" if you will. That is then brought down into your energy field, replacing the Hucha energy that was there, with this pure energy that informs your light body and your DNA. Restructuring and integrating this Sami energy allows for the receiver to break a connection with the presenting issue that was brought to the session and to begin to harness new potentials for change, evolution and growth within their lives.

Each session is unique to each person, and each story (or presenting issue) that is brought to the session, and for many it is deeply transformational work, I know it has been for me!

I continue to receive and give Shamanic sessions so that I can continue to grow my medicine and gifts, which in turn I can continually pass on and inform those who work with me.

I look forward to connecting with you! if you feel drawn to work with me please do not hesitate to contact me.

I do session from my own home in Shropshire, over video call, or I can come to you (within an hour, hour 30 drive for a nominal fuel fee) I am happy to come to you if you live further away providing I can book someone else in the area on the same day.

Please note that if you would like me to come to you I require floor space that is clear and easy to move around, around 6ft x 4ft should be ample space and no distractions. If you have any questions regarding your location please do not hesitate to call me :)

My sessions last up to  2 hours for  £40 
If you feel called to have a session with me but are on low income please feel free to message me to discuss.

You can book a session with me by texting/calling me on: 

or emailing me: