What is a Shamanic Journey?
In ‘new-age’ shamanic language, journeying is referred to as ‘riding the drum-horse’ – meaning that the sound of the drum (or rattle) provides a kind of vehicle upon which we can journey to non-ordinary reality with the shamanic trance (ecstasy).
The Shaman knows the way to different realms that host allies and information that can be retrieved. Through journeying the shaman can also retrieve soul-parts when someone has experience a soul-loss.

It is easy to become lost or misled on the journey so it is wise to seek someone experienced at drumming and journeying to that they can ensure a safe and easy passage, paying the right and appropriate honour and respect to the guides and allies that may come forward to help.

Why would you Journey? where would you Journey to?
One might journey for a number of reasons but it is always usually to retrieve something, some information, a power animal ally, wisdom or guidance from an Ancestor or Guide. Animal Allies reside in the Lower World (this is sometimes confused with the christian concept of 'hell' but, infact, has no relation to it) Guides, Angelic beings and higher vibration beings can be found in the Upper World and these are the two most frequented places.

As your shaman I could journey for you to connect to any ally and bring back information for you. I can also hold a Drum Journey (preferably in person) for you, where I would hold the space and guide you on your own journey through the realm so that you can have the experience and connect to your animal ally or guides.

I will soon be adding more to this page, as this section is still under construction. If you have any questions please feel free to email me;