Mercury RX Rescue Remedy

Mercury RX Rescue Remedy


Mercury RX is just around the corner! It is probably the most infamous of all retrogrades with technology going haywire, communication breaking down and arguements breaking out. hair falling out, anxiety through the roof! 

Ok so it's not always as bad as that but it's certainly no smooth sailing through this energetic minefeild! This Mercury RX Rescue Remedy Kit will make sure you are well prepared to take on the energetic whirlwind.


It contains an energy spray that has been created with only the highest intentions. This energy spray has a bend of essential oils that work together synergistically to create balance and harmony throughout your energy field, allowing you to slow down, de-stress and approach any Mecury RX related issues will an open and flexible mind. It has an uplifting citrus scent with floral and earthy undertones keeping you lifted and light! It is also infused with Lapis Lazuli, the Master Communicator!

Crystals included in this pack are all top grade beauties!
Labradorite to bridge communication and wisdom between the higher realms, higher self and ground them into the body so that you are better able to navigate any communication minefeilds or understanding contracts or proposals that may not serve your highest good.
Blue Lace Agate, this smooth soother will ensure that your anxieties and emotions do not lead the way, so that you may calmy and smoothly acknowledge your emotions and boundries and communicate these graciously.
Hematite to protect and deflect/reflect any energies that do not serve your highest good, to protect you from energy vampires or those that may want to take advantage of you when you are not able to express or communicate yourself fully.
Sodalite to encourage rational thought, truth and intuition. allowing for a great freedom for and through expression. the truth will set you free! it also enhances self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-trust which is much needed when Mercury RX challenges your perspectives on yourself, and the world around you.
Citrine for luck, abundance and happy vibes! Citrine will lighten the mood and keep you feeling optimistic and is a great pick-me-up when you are feeling overwhelmed or when you feel like you, or things around you, are just falling apart.

These sets work great together and are waiting to work with you!