A stone of balance, Grossular Garnet helps keep emotions in check, while at the same time bringing in the voice of reason. It is a good crystal to help get back the fun in relationships that are often plagued by worrisome issues, such as finances, etc.  

Physically, Grossular Garnet enhances the immune system, helps the heart and respiratory system, increases fertility and can aid in detoxification. Like other Garnets, Grossular Garnet can be used to improve bone marrow, alleviate arthritis and rheumatism, and assimilate Vitamin A.

Keystone Crystals always reccommends seeking advice of a medical expert and doesn't advocate the use of Crystals etc as a replacement therapy

Grossular Garnet Palm Stone

  • This purchase is for 1 Grossular Garnet Palmstone
    Weighing approx 170g
    Measuring at 7.3cm long, 5.3cm wide and 2.4cm thick.

Keystone Crystals always recommends seeking advice of a medical expert/professional for any illness, physical or otherwise and does not advocate the use of Crystals or any other product we supply as a replacement to conventional medicine, therapy or otherwise.

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