Green Opal Flame

Green Opal Flame


Green Opal joins the Solar Plexus with the Heart, giving new meaning to partnership, joint ventures and relationships. It is all about finding and maintaining a balance of emotions with the connectedness of the heart. In other words, you will not react purely from emotion and without thought. The combination brings these energies into equal measure. You will take a moment to tune into that heart space/inner guidance to find a response that is right for you. Yes, you.


If you are the type of person who tends to take things personally or take them to heart, Green Opal can be a wonderful tool for you. It will help you to work through the why's of the reaction, helping you to heal.


Green Opal has a feel of gentle strength in self empowerment. It is an energy of staying true to self, standing firm. Relationships of all kinds can experience this type of dominant/submissive role, it can be anyone that you allow to take your voice, losing yourself in the process.

Keystone Crystals always reccommends seeking advice of a medical expert and doesn't advocate the use of Crystals etc as a replacement therapy

  • Investment

    You are purchasing 1 Green Opal Flame
    Weighing approx 300g
    9.5cm tall and 5cm wide