Energy Oracle Reading - 3 Card Reading

Energy Oracle Reading - 3 Card Reading


Are you feeling energetically stuck? or perhaps overwhelmed?

Then why not book yourself an Energy reading with Hannah to discover the energy you are projecting, what areas you may be experiencing blocks, and how to progress forward so that you can access your unlimited power of your own conciousness.

This reading is a three card spread, with the intention to connect the past, the present and the potential surround any issues showing up for you in your life right now. It is designed to indicate a potential root of the current issue, or a past experience that you can connect with relating to it, how it affects you in the present and what you may be able to do to start healing the truama and finally, the potential of what can be if you walk your healing path.

  • How a reading takes place

    When you purchase your reading, please include in the notes section any particular issues you would like to address, or if you would prefer a more general reading to see what intuitive messages come through that highlight any potential issues that need to be addressed.

    I will then respond Via email, with pictures of the Cards that have been drawn for you and a write up of each card, their meaning and how they relate.
    I will also include any other guided insights that I may receive, that might assist you on your healing journey.

    After the Reading, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a message

Keystone Crystals always recommends seeking advice of a medical expert/professional for any illness, physical or otherwise and does not advocate the use of Crystals or any other product we supply as a replacement to conventional medicine, therapy or otherwise.

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