Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box


Welcome to our Mystery Boxes! Allow us to provide support & guidance on your Soul’s Journey with our Crystal Mystery Boxes!


Every Crystal chosen to go into each box is intuitively picked by Shamama, our resident Shamanic Practitioner. Everything you receive will have been chosen for you with the highest love vibration and blessed with sacred intention.


Each Crystal Mystery Box will contain a variety of crystals, ranging from tumble-stones, polished crystals, rough/unpolished crystals and so many other options! So prepare to be excited and elevated for your Crystal Surprise and allow them to lead you onto the next part of your journey.


We have several price options to choose from so regardless of your budget there will be a option for you! (please note that the “class” name does not indicate the contents of the box.)

  • Investment

    You are investing in one our much sought after Mystery Boxes!

    weight approx 900g - 2kg

    Let the excitement begin!!