Cleanse & Protect Kit

Cleanse & Protect Kit


🌟Welcome to Our Cleanse, Protect and Healing Set!🌟


This Set includes :

🔹️1 x Shell

🔹️1 x Copal Sage

🔹️1 x Selenite Wand

🔹️1 x Black Tourmaline

🔹️1 x Selenite Rose

🔹️1 x Amethyst Gem

🔹️1 x New Jade

🔹️1 x Lepidolite

🔹️1 x Angelite

🔹️1 x Rainbow Moonstone

🔹️1 x Fire Agate Carnelian

🔹️1 x Rose Quartz

🔹️1 x Tourmalinated Quartz

🔹️1 x Healing Energy Aura Spray

•Copal Sage - This Sage and Copal smudge stick includes Copal resin to raise psychic vibrations in your space. Visions are more easily attained in a room fumed with copal, and psychic workings are facilitated. Sage has been used for centuries by our ancestors for cleansing space and auric field.

💎 •Selenite – Cleansing properties and alleviates heavy energies

💎 •Black Tourmaline – Protects from negative energies and transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

💎 •Selenite Rose – Cleansing properties as well as carrying the energy of prosperity and purifying. •Amethyst Gem – Master Healer and assists all other crystals in their benefits.

💎 •New Jade – Luck, heart healing, opportunities and soothing the emotional body.

💎 •Lepidolite – Calming properties and helps to alleviate heavy energy in the emotional and mental body.

💎 •Angelite – Soothing and encourages compassion as well as connecting with etheric beings. •Rainbow Moonstone – Connects us to our intuition and our cycles allowing us to see areas that need healing.

💎 •Fire Agate Carnelian – Inspires courage and creativity, releases you from stagnant thinking.

💎 •Rose Quartz – Encourages us to open and connect with our heart centre to begin a journey of heart healing. Love for the self and compassion/empathy for others.

💎 •Tourmalinated Quartz – Amplifies and protects. Uplifts and guides the energies during intention setting and manifestation whilst protecting the psychic field.

💎 •Healing Energy Aura Spray – Bespoke made aura spray, created to cleanse, protect and promote healing throughout the mind, body, spirit, emotional healing and releasing negative attachments. Created with Sacred Spring water from the Springs of Avalon, Glastonbury.🌬


⭐Priced at £22 – the healing vibration of 22 – Master Number 22 helps cement our dreams into reality, inspires optimism and connects us to universal love.⭐ 💓This Set has been birthed with highest healing intentions 💓

  • Investment

    You are purchasing one Cleanse and Protect Kit

    weighing approx 500g