Privacy Policy

Keystone Crystals is committed to complying with the latest rules and regulations regarding customer privacy and data protection. This document has been created in order to ensure Keystone Crystals compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018, and to provide continued transparency to customers of Keystone Crystals in regards to the use and safe storage of personal data. Any use of 'us', 'our' and 'we' in this notice refers to Keystone Crystals directly. Use of terms such as 'individuals', 'customers' or 'clients' refers to any person/s who have provided personal information to Keystone Crystals.


How We use Personal Information.

In order for Keystone Crystals to provide accurate quotations, the delivery of goods and online invoices, individuals must provide personal information (name, address, email etc.). There is no obligation from the customer to provide this personal information, however, with the exception of face-to-face sales, Keystone Crystals would be unable to provide its services without this information. Customers maintain the right to object to the use of their personal information by Keystone Crystals. An individual may contact Keystone Crystals at any time during or post a transaction to request Keystone Crystals to cease using their personal information, at which point, Keystone Crystals will A.) Immediately cease all use of the personal information and dispose of any and all sensitive materials in an appropriate manner B.) Provide a full and detailed explanation as to why, at that time, Keystone Crystals is unable to cease use of personal information. Keystone Crystals offers a postal delivery service with all orders at an additional fee to the customer. Royal Mail PLC (through Royal Mail also Parcelforce) and Collect+ is used as a third party company to fulfil the postage orders from Keystone Crystals, thus Keystone Crystals must provide the afore-mentioned companies with certain details of a clients personal information (name, address). The use of the afore-mentioned companies is made clear to the customer prior to any order and they must consent to the personal information being passed on from Keystone Crystals in order to complete a transaction with Keystone Crystals. Keystone Crystals operates with a focus on online sales. Facebook Inc , Microsoft Corporation and Instagram are all companies that provide online platforms in which a customer may contact Keystone Crystals. Should a customer contact Keystone Crystals using one these methods, Keystone Crystals may request that personal information be sent via the platform in order to complete an order/quotation. The customer may choose to use one of these methods in order to provide the required information to Keystone Crystals, doing so gives consent for both Keystone Crystal and the chosen platform, unless otherwise stated in their own terms and conditions, to view and/or use the information provided. Using one of the mentioned companies to which Keystone Crystals has an online presence to contact Keystone Crystals opens a dialogue in which the customer gives consent to receive private messages within use of the given platform. All conversations between Keystone Crystals and the customer that may involve the use of personal information are done so in private. None of the information provided in these private messages will ever be shared publicly or with a third party, excluding government intervention (e.g. at the request of the police). Keystone Crystals may, on occasion, request that the customer provide pictures and/or feedback in regards to a completed order. Keystone Crystals will disclose any and all use for this material prior to the customer providing the information. Compliance to this request is optional on the part of the customer. Keystone Crystals provides a service in which a customer can personalise an item. This may lead to a customer providing the personal information of another party e.g. for a gift. Keystone Crystals will only contact the individual who initiates a transaction and/or provides payment for that particular order. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have received consent before providing another's personal information to Keystone Crystals.
The Personal Information We Collect & Safe Storage of This Information.

As mentioned in the previous section, Keystone Crystals must collect certain pieces of personal information from a customer in order to provide their services. This information will include the customers name and address and/or the customer's email address and contact number. Paper copies of this information is stored in folders that is kept in a secure property and, within the property, a independently locked room. Digital copies of this information are stored on a password protected laptop used by Keystone Crystals. Any digital folder/document containing potentially sensitive information will have further encryption in order to keep the information secure. All passwords protecting private information differ and only the Director(s) of Keystone Crystals is informed as to the passwords. Typically, Keystone Crystals will hold personal information of the customer for three years in order to fulfil repeat orders, track prior transactions and keep record of sales. After this time, Keystone Crystals will permanently destroy any personal information stored. In the case of paper copies, this information is shredded and separated and recycled at different times. In the case of digital files/documents, these are moved from the secure area of the computer to the recycle bin, where they are then permanently deleted from the computer system. Should an individual request that their personal information be destroyed before this time, Keystone Crystals will A.) Destroy the personal information thoroughly B.) Give a detailed explanation as to why, at that time, Keystone Crystals is unable to destroy the information. Keystone Crystals collects any and all of the personal information directly from the customer. Sending Keystone Crystals this information shows direct consent from the customer that the information can be used and stored in the manner explained in the above information. Keystone Crystals does not collect outside information or information from third parties nor does Keystone Crystals send any personal information to third party companies without the consent of the customer (e.g. Royal Mail PLC). Keystone Crystals may receive personal information from Paypal Holdings Inc. This information is needed to complete payment and to deliver the goods ordered. A customer gives consent for Keystone Crystals to view and/or use this information when sending payment. The same is applicable for Instagram Inc.

Additional Notes & Customer Rights.

Keystone Crystals is committed to protecting the personal information of it's customers. To this end, Keystone Crystals will only use third party companies that adhere to the rules and regulations of Government Standards in regards to securing personal information. Any person/s whose personal information Keystone Crystals holds maintains the right to object to it's use. Keystone Crystals will, as mentioned, cease use of the personal information immediately or, alternatively, provide a detailed explanation as to why this is not possible. Customers also maintain the right to view the personal information gathered by Keystone Crystals. Should this request occur, Keystone Crystals will provide any and all information regarding that particular customer, however Keystone Crystals will not provide anyone but the customer who has either contacted Keystone Crystals or the individual who made payment with information regarding that order, with the exemption of a Government Agency (e.g. Police). Customers may contact Keystone Crystals to update or correct contact details to which Keystone Crystals will oblige. Verification of identity may be required in this instance. Customers maintain the right to complain regarding the order or service received Keystone Crystals. Keystone Crystals can be reached by means of the original method of contact prior to an order and will work to resolve any issue that arises. However, should a customer wish to make a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) they are entitled to do so. It may be necessary to amend and/or update this notice. Should the need arise, an updated version of this notice will be provided by Keystone Crystals. Should you wish to contact Keystone Crystals, or to view the terms and conditions of any third party companies mentioned in this notice, please follow the correct link provided below: