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Energy Overhaul!

With the January Penumbral Eclipse/Full Moon having just gone and all the planets, yes, ALL planets! Are now direct, the way is beginning to clear just in time for a major astrological and energetic event!

Saturn and Pluto go conjunct at 22°in Capricorn TODAY! This is an event that happens approximately every 34 years.

(Image credit: jessicadavidson.co.uk)

Saturn symbolises discipline, power and change. He represents a slower pace, time, creation and work. He is the Ruler of Capricorn and Lord of Karma.

Pluto symbolises the dark night before birth, purging, releasing, shadow work and creative destruction. He is the Lord of the Underworld.

These planets coming into conjunction bring an energy of “the turning of tides”. It is hard work, serious business, resilience and patience, as a new energetic cycle in initiated. This will help us to shift away from old wounds, traumas and cycles, forging new structures to assist us in supporting our purposes and goals. Purging and releasing things that hold us back and no longer serving us in this new reality which is being presented to us at this time.

On this transits approach, events and people may have forced a new perspective or path onto you, creating a spiral of transition and change. Forcing you to look at areas of your life that are no longer working well for you.

Both of these planets represent endings, but they also bring with hem the aspect of resurrection – like a phoenix from the ashes! In order to rise in magnificence and power – the old structures that held the fort of limiting beliefs, experiences, events and people must crumble and burn.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction happens in the sign of Capricorn – indicating an underlying energy and sense of orderliness and organisation that allows layers to be methodically stripped away, while instating new, more solid foundations that are based, and align with, your souls purpose, goals and healing journey.

January 13th, The sun will join Saturn & Pluto in this conjunction. Really shining a spotlight, emphasising, the things that need to be seen & witnessed. This January is an exceptionally potent time for releasing and planting new seeds. Each day is an opportunity to shed another layer, plant another seed and is an opportunity to see, embrace, strive and thrive in that light that is a flame in our hearts and carried by all.

Now, not ONLY is there this magnificent conjunction … January 12th is also known as Earth Chakra Day!!!

This annual event is dedicated to raising awareness of planetary ascension and cosmic consciousness around the world by tuning in and harnessing the living energy in the Earths Chakras.

Planet Earth is a conscious and vibrant living entity. Energy flows through her via ley lines, the crystalline grid and her Chakras.

It is celebrated near/at Mount Uluru in Australia. Australia has not gone un-noticed this year with headlines all over the world informing us of the vast and tragic fires. Some believe that the fires in Australia could be part of a divine plan, the timing drawing peoples attention, focus and energy towards Mount Uluru, the Earths Solar Plexus Chakra. Assisting in raising consciousness and activating healing energy around the globe.

In Aboriginal Cosmogony, the Universe began at the “Dreamtime”. Mount Uluru was formed at the Dreamtime in a ritual by Dreamtime Spirits.

Some believe that this ritual was disrupted, and Mount Uluru was left incomplete in some way, and that the celestial alignment, 2020 energies and current global events is an awakening and/or activation of a very intense & high vibrational energy that will impact the Earth Chakra System & Crystalline Grid. This effect will also be felt by us. It is a very powerful time for intention setting, potentially awakening and engaging in rapid healing, awakening gifts and talents, and even potentially a “snapping out of it” effect, as the collective consciousness raises in vibration and other people in society begin to “wake-up”.

Many people around the Globe will be setting some time aside (perhaps at 12:12?) to meditate, drum, have a ritual or ceremony, or engage in any other activity that they are drawn to do, that may assist and enhance this process, for the Earth, for the Collective, and for YOU!!!

All my Love, Blessings and Deepest Gratitude xxxxx


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