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Welcome To Soulscription!

Our goal is to provide you with tools of abundant self-care and self-love with only the most blessed vibrations and loving intentions.

The Soulscription Subscription is designed to give you the tools to empowerment, healing and pure love energy.

Each Month you will receive a variety of tools, sacred to your Healing Journey, such as Crystals & Minerals, Smudges, Candles, Tea, Incense, and so much more!

You will also receive a Monthly Newsletter that will assist you on using your monthly goodies and how you can embrace their benefits in your day to day life. there is Magic around every corner!

Each Box Will be sent on the 13th of each Month. 

Please Note, The Soulscription Subscription Service is a Monthly Direct Debit and by purchasing this Monthly Plan you are agreeing to monthly direct debit payments