Oracle Card Readings

I have been reading oracle cards for over 10 years. For many years I would use this gift for myself or close friends and family. I continued to hone and grow my skills and began to expand, offering my readings to others outside of my inner circle.

Each reading amazes me with the knowledge and information that comes forward.

Often I find that each reading offers a lesson and wisdom not only for my client but for myself also, which allows me to be continuously growing my skills and gifts that I can then share with you.

Some people may ask, Why should I have a card reading?
Well, Oracle Cards are a channel to spirit allies/guides and to the higher self. Where information can be passed through into the now. Sometimes this information isn't always readily available if you are feeling stuck in life, facing difficulties or have a sudden or dramatic situation occur in life and are seeking guidance that will help you to transmute and move forward.

Sometimes an Oracle Reading serves as confirmation if you are feeling steady or unsure on the path you are on or decisions you have made.

There are so many options and Oracle Readings can be so versatile, they are unlimited in the ways they can assist you.

If you feel this is something that will help you or are being called to higher guidance, please feel free to message me to book at session.

I can do the readings over email, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp (other options available if these do not suit you).

To contact me regarding setting up and Oracle Reading please email me.