Who is Shamama?

Aho! My name is Hannah and I created Shamama, so that I can connect with those called to me, to share my medicine and bring people together in a sacred and supportive space.

I use Shamanic techniques and practices influenced from the Q'ero Shamans of Peru. I am also a Registered Womb Healer, Intuitive Oracle Card Reader and Lover of nature, bringing people together and helping them to shed their old skins, helping to reclaim sovereignty and create a new story in their life.

I was born with a natural curiosity of the Earth and all its wonders, empathetic and intuitive since childhood, I have always been drawn to supporting and assisting those around me, encouraging a deeper connection with myself and nature as a way to assist in personal transformation and development.

I have  spent many years working with horses and fully believe that animals serve as guardians and gateways to one's inner psyche and I believe that my years spent working alongside animals has allowed me to develop my own personal growth and healing that I can share with others.

In more recent years, myself and my partner, Carl, began a business, Keystone Crystals. Selling and sourcing metaphysical items such as crystals, smudges, incense and create Chakra and energy sprays that assist in harmonising, cleansing, balancing and purifying ones energetic space and energy centres.

I have been drawn to the Shamanic Path for many years but the right teacher had not presented themselves to me. I believe this is because of developing Keystone Crystals and the wonderful community there, but also because I had to move through some transitions to bring me to be at the right place, at the right time, and so, when the timing was ripe, the Universe intervened and so the training on my Shamanic Path began!

I am also deeply passionate about Womb Healing, I was diagnosed with PCOS from the age of 19 and this affected my relationship with my body and my energy. I decided to pursue a path of discovery, healing trauma stored in the etheric womb, from this life, past lives and ancestral karma.I received the Womb Rites which I now endeavour to share with all those who wish to receive, men and women alike.

I am always aspiring and endeavouring to grow my medicine, to continually walk the path of healing and sharing my knowledge and medicine to anyone who feels it is right for them and is called to me for this purpose.

Shamanism and Shamanic Healing has been an integral part of human societies as far back in History that one can think of. From Stone age Petroglyphs and cave paintings, it is clear to see that our Ancestors had a much, much different relationship with the world around them than most of us do today. 

They understood, in some way, that energy was all around them and this energy could be utilised in healing.The word 'Shaman' is thought to originate from the  Manchu-Tungus word šaman, meaning "one who knows" (Tungus root ša- "to know"). A Shamanic Practitioner works with all of their unique gifts, these gifts are past traumas and stories that have been worked energetically and transformed into healing tools and medicine that can be accessed and utilised to help those who seek change and transformation in their lives.

They also work with their allies, the archetypes, the ancestors, guides and power animals. With one foot in the physical realm, and one foot in the 'other', they are able to communicate and assist in bridging the space in-between, clearing the heavy energy (hucha) from ones energetic field and access light energy (sami) bringing it down into the energy field, rearranging the DNA that allows for deep, integral healing. 

In new-age spirituality, a female Shaman is sometimes referred to as a 'Shamaness' (-ess being the female suffix) or also referred to as a 'Shamanka' (-ka being the Russian female suffix). However I have chosen 'mama' as I feel this resonates strongly and truly to the Pampamesayok - The Rites I received to the Ancestral Andean Lineage, where I connect and call upon my Ancestors for guidance, knowledge, wisdom and support. 

I also chose 'mama' as every time I see the word, speak the word, hear the word I am instantly reminded of Pachamama, Who's belly we walk upon every day, who nourishes us, blesses us and reminds us, that we are creators, each with our own unique abilities and gifts that allow us to manifest a new world for ourselves.

I know that I will bring all of my gifts and meet you, in the place that you are in right now, to assist you in letting go of trauma, pain, limitations and illusions, and to assist you in transformation, connecting you to gifts that lie dormant within you, Strength, Freedom, Love, Joy and all of the gifts that lie dormant within you, ready to unfold.

All my Love, Blessings and Deepest Gratitude,

x      x      x